Haiti Prophets' Projects

Haiti Prophets group are focusing on projects that will lift the Haitian people standards of living, generate more jobs, expanding access to credit for the working people, and help build the road to a better future, and in order to do that we are  looking for investors and  donations and together we can help create a new Haiti for its people.

Our projects include:

Workforce Development Initiative: a free institution that will deliver the following services:

  • Jobs for those who are work-ready

  • Job training to enhance skill-sets 

  • Job placement services

with enhanced skills, Haitian work-ready job seekers become not only employable in Haiti, but also anywhere in the world.

New-Haiti Airways by Toussaint and Foster: Connecting all Haiti, facilitate people, and services across the country.

New Haiti Bank:A financial institution that will offer loans and credit to the average working people with no collaterals

New Haiti Transportation: Transport large group of missionaries from one place to the next at no charge

Bed and Breakfast: Convenient and affordable for everyone

New Haiti Movie Theater: A way to relax with friends and family after a long day/week of work.