Loans for the people

Offer loans to the average working people at a lower interest rates with no collaterals.  


Make it accessible and affordable  for large groups of missionaries, tourists, and local people to travel from one place to the next without any inconvenience.  

Our primary objective is to effectively contribute to the restoration and reconstruction of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake. We began planting farm systems in the most devastating areas in Haiti. We also supported churches and orphanages with our harvest.  Then as the workforce began to evolve, so too we had to evolve into a Workforce Development system, to identify, register, train and place new job seekers. We also deemed it necessary, those who did not have suitable skills for work, needed training & skills enhancement.

Therefore; it is incumbent upon us to train, recommend training, and finally assist with procurement of training for those whom otherwise may not be able to pay for training themselves.

Then following training, we will provide placement, job development and business planting services. Thus ensure that the new Haitian jobseeker continues to evolve.



Haiti is open to new investors in Real Estate, Tourism, Transportation, Thousands of Acres of Super Fertile Lands and more with extraordinary guarantees.

What's in it for you as an investor?

Well the answer is simple: Haiti is a country full of untapped resources and offer low-risk investment opportunities. Haiti has a free-market economy with one of the world's lowest-cost workforce, abundance of hard working, trainable workers and a pro-business government. We are geographically well-placed with natural sea ports in four of the largest regions in Haiti, we have world-class pristine beaches. Economic stimulus from billions in foreign assistance and for the past few years we have over 3000 non-governmental organizations operating in Haiti providing much needed support services and an increase in demand for our kind of services.



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New Haiti Airways

The purpose of New Haiti Airways is to connect all Haiti and facilitate people, and services, across in and out of Haiti in a manner not currently provided.

One  world of community of people building one New Haiti